Deals first is Australia’s premier home-grown tech accessory platform. Founded in 2023, Deals first has touched thousands of users. We have set our sights on capturing Australia’s informed and tech-savvy buyers through our exclusive online portal. 

We exist to supply and deliver the best mobile/ Mobile accessories and iPad accessories throughout Australia

We have built a stellar reputation for product excellence and customer service. We offer high-quality, affordable electronic accessories to professionals and consumers. 

We want to be the No.1 online retail store providing excellent value for money for people who dream of a beautiful and convenient digital world.  

What we do 

We are a growing business that is still evolving, and we understand that one constant is the customer’s desire for lower prices, better choice of products, and convenient services. Today, our shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for online at our website from the comfort of their home. We are currently having a wide range of products from over 16 reputed brands at affordable prices, and we are always trying to introduce new products to delight our customers. What’s more? We also offer free express shipping.

We work every day to earn and keep customers’ trust. In this era dominated by technology, we wish to be the partners for “Guaranteed Satisfaction” to our customers by fulfilling the customers’ everlasting thirst for high-quality products. We do this through convenient services and with the help of small and medium businesses that add significantly to our product selection.

We operate a lot like start-ups, embracing new ideas and introducing new products and accessories that our customers will use, love and share.


Build Trust

We conduct all our business dealings founded on sound policies with transparent, fair, and ethical business practices and strive our best to gain both customers’ and stakeholders’ trust and faith.

Belief in Excellence

We believe in setting high targets for achievements and raise the bar steadily so that we excel in all our actions. We also adequately recognize and reward the excellence achieved by our team members.

Delighting Customers

We aim to provide our customers world-class products and services for giving them the pure bliss of customer delight. Along with that, we also try to improve their quality of life.

Ensuring Accountability

We are a transparent company and are accountable for all our actions. This culture is drilled down to all the employees for whom we provide a performance-oriented environment for growth, always underlined with clear accountability. We encourage teamwork in our company and enable every employee to learn at the workplace with significant personal growth opportunities and contribute to the organization.

We want Deal first to be trusted just as much as the brands we offer!